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 Welcome to the HALO BLOG, I'm so happy you're here! Today is HALO'S official launch day, and also our very first blog post! ENJOY...


I originally designed The Bible Binder for myself to simplify my own faith walk.  I needed a system that was simple, organized, and portable. With just 3 essential sections, it has changed the way I study my bible. I have cultivated a scripture-digging habit that is practical, do-able, and most imporatnly, enjoyable!  (The biggest battle for most people is getting your system in place, I did the work for you!) The best part, its a digital download kit! YES!! It will be instantly emailed directly to your inbox, so you can start today.  You can print as many pages as you need, you aren't stuck with buying a new journal or study tool when it's full, just keep adding to it as needed.  When it's full, start a new binder, then store them neatly on a shelf for easy reference.


The cover: I designed the cover to be timeless in style, fancy enough to dress up a standard white office binder, beautiful enough to leave out and look at, and with a constant reminder "Anytime is a good time to put on the full armor of God. Ephesians 6:11" Simply print and slip into the front of the binder.


1. Daily Journal: Designed for those who don't like to journal. I have tried countless daily journaling methods as it was something I truly wanted to implement into my life.  Anytime I sat down and stared at a blank page, I just started to overthink - what should I write? How little or how much? Do I talk about the day... I ended up spending my time trying to come up with something that looked like it belonged in a journal.  Then I decided I had to simply and strip it down to the essentials that I wanted to communicate to God on the daily, which are: prayer (please) - gratitude (thank you) - and confession (I'm sorry).  And so, The Manners Method was created. A one-line-a-day, one-sheet-per-week format that worked! 

2. Sermon Notes: A clean and classic format with space for - date, speaker, topic, verses, teaching and notes. There is always the back of the page to write more as well, which I oftentimes find myself doing.

3. Bible Study: A cohesive look to match the rest of the kit with space for - date, study of, verses, teaching and notes.


Designed with timeless heirloom-style hand-written calligraphy in Signature Halo brass ink, each section has a divider page that offers functionality alongside beauty.  May be used as a section cover with tabs (like mine) or you can slip it into a page protector sheet to further separate the sections.


A simple guide with big impact.  My bible study and bible journaling methods and systems have evolved over time.  There are so many great reources out there that teach different methods and ways of doing both.  None of them worked for me, for whatever reason.  So, after much trail and error, I finally landed on a simple system that does work. The guide breaks down four easy to implement writing-in-the-margin strategies and a corresponding color-coding system that utilizes just four colors, for those who like the formality of that part of a system.  Four strategies = four colors.  Easy and manageable.  It includes a color-coding key to cut out and secure inside the cover of your bible.

Happy studying and journaling!

xo, SP